Nu Wave Skatepark ’95

July 10, 2014 Category :3D 0

I noticed a decent model in the C4D content library for a skateboard, and with recent experimentation with character animation, I took a brief trip down memory lane to a place I spent a large chunk of my free time during the age’s 15-19. Here’s what I could remember from what Nu Wave’s indoor skatepark […]

sci-fi stuff

June 29, 2014 Category :3D 0

This is a scene I had been building out late this week in my spare time. Not too much more to tell- other than I was aiming towards a sci-fi looking scene. Looked a lot like many scenes I’ve built out using cloners- until I stumbled upon a great tutorial about building a hydraulic arm […]

Holiday Motel Sign

June 24, 2014 Category :3D 0

I put this together over the past couple days in my spare time. Modeled/textured/lit/animated, then I spent some time going through a few different ways/speeds to render it. The post process in AE only involved adding some glows to the neon piping. The lighting is done by both GI and from the sky- animated to […]

Backpacking: Old Job Loop

June 6, 2014 Category :camping| hiking 0

“Old Job” is the former site of an 18th century mill village, consisting of cabins, offices, boarding homes, a school, and of course- a large mill. There’s rumored to be a small cemetery there, but has not yet been found. I didn’t know any of this beforehand- much less even where I was heading in […]

Wink @Fenway

May 23, 2014 Category :3D 0

Wink is a great cause that aims to raise awareness for children with disabilities,and was recently featured at Fenway. I had gotten involved by contributing a graphics package/logo design to create some visual identity for the brand about a year ago,and since then there’s been some great success. A few months back, Wink was also […]

Dayhiking the Glastenbury Loop

May 21, 2014 Category :hiking 0

Yesterday I spent from 8am-6pm walking in the woods, covering 22.5 miles around the Glastenbury Wilderness, near Bennington, Vermont. Parked at the Bear Hollow trailhead and went up Bald Mountain to the West Ridge trail. Ate lunch at Goddard Shelter. Went the extra .5 miles up to the fire tower, which was pretty sketchy with […]

Urban Aesthetics

May 18, 2014 Category :3D 0

  I haven’t done too much grimey/urban aesthetics since that history channel show a couple years back, and back then I was still uncovering the mysteries of texturing things correctly in 3D.  Nevertheless, it’s easy and it’s fun to stack up dirty layers.  Scenes like this need a ton of detail though to really sell […]

Backpacking: Prospect Rock

May 8, 2014 Category :getting after it:| hiking 0

I did a quick trip yesterday afternoon out to Prospect Rock from the Stratton/Arlington Road. Left about 12:30pm, hiked the 7.6 out to Prospect Rock, came back the same way. Been wearing a full pack for all excursions lately for conditioning purposes- mine yesterday was around 30lbs. Didn’t really stop for a break until the […]

Backpacking: Tuckermans

May 5, 2014 Category :camping| getting after it: 0

I had been putting off giving an answer to my brother in-law about a trip up to Tuckermans- mostly due to the distance it is from my house, which is around 3.5 hours. At the eleventh hour, as I’m prone to do at times, I decided I would join him and some friends up there […]

Backpacking: Stratton Pond

April 23, 2014 Category :camping| getting after it: 0

Stratton Pond is an amazing place. I spent Monday night there. I read somewhere recently about doing overnight backpacking solo, and it was an experience I’d yet to have, so this seemed like a great opportunity- mostly because the weather was looking promising. Aside from that, this is about 3 weeks too early to be […]

MSG: The Garden 3 Sixties

April 19, 2014 Category :motion graphics 0

I worked with Matt Armstrong ( on animating this graphics package for MSG network a few weeks back. All the design work was provided by Miguel Hernandez, and we used his AI boards to propagate the spot. Matt handled most of the heavy lifting, while I provided him a series of different background/cluster animations. Good […]

Motionworks Exercises

April 19, 2014 Category :3D| motion graphics Off

Over at, John Dickinson has had a series going for AE/C4D artists to take about 30 minutes and create different looks with a set of effects he defines at the onset. It’s a great way to see what other people do with effect tweaking, and what you can come up with as well. I […]

Camping on Name Island

April 9, 2014 Category :3D 0

The initial thought to create this project came after coming across some really cool work from another C4D artist on vimeo, and thinking ‘hey I could do that with displacement’. Here’s a link to the inspiration work: So, using a layer shader under the materials displacement (SPD checked), I made some mountainous-looking coral, and then […]

Catching the Bus

April 4, 2014 Category :3D 0

Previously I’ve stumbled upon this look before while experimenting with toon shaders in C4D, but I didn’t have the best control over the effect, and had some incorrect assumptions in place. Nevertheless, this exercise sorted a lot of things out. I lit the scene like I normally would, and then started using cell shaders with […]

New Stuff: Old Stuff

March 2, 2014 Category :3D| motion graphics 0

“Old Stuff” has been something I’ve been playing around with  recently.  Started out after learning about a free plugin for Cinema 4D that grew and birthed Ivy on mograph text.  More about that can be found here:   Around the time I heard about that, I was already messing around with bringing 3D objects […]

Liquid Noise Experimentation v2

February 28, 2014 Category :3D 0

For v2, I added another mesh to the same noise animation as v1, and simulated it all at 150 fps out of realflow to time remap in AE. Liquid Noise Test v2 from ben russell on Vimeo.

Liquid Noise Experimentation

February 26, 2014 Category :3D 0

Been doing some experimentation with getting good results out of realflow faster and more reliably. I started going in too deep, which seems to be easy to do with this program. Doesn’t take too many particles to get some cool results. Liquid Noise Test from ben russell on Vimeo.

Name Jump

February 21, 2014 Category :3D 0

Due to work, life, etc, it’s been awhile since I posted some random experimentation. I still mess around with stuff like this, but tend to pick my battles- looking for bigger things to tackle, or I end up using experiments for client work. This is a back-to-basics, all-done-today sort of video, like previous experiments I’ve […]

MSG: Masked Men

January 24, 2014 Category :3D 0

Around Halloween I assisted Matt Armstrong ( with a project for his client, MSG. The hockey helmet models were provided, and he was tasked to create a show open and a lower third element. This was a fairly quick, long-weekend turnaround, which was well received. My involvement for the project was for advice on color […]

Hawaii Trip

January 16, 2014 Category :not for nothing, but...| photography| random adventures 0

The first two weeks of 2014 I spent on both Oahu and Kauai, traveling around staying with friends and family.  In preparation for the trip, I did an extensive amount of reading from concerning the history of Hawaii, just to give myself some better context for this new area of the world I was about […]